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Use this kit as a fun and creative way to engage in conversation about the beauty of racial and cultural differences. Conversations about race at an early age are vital because research shows that children become aware of racial dissimilarities as early as infancy. These early conversations, along with exposure to diverse literature, ensure all children feel connected to the world around them while promoting healthy racial identities, acceptance, and a good sense of cultural competence.



Let's Talk About Race Within A Box includes:

An information/activity card, World Colors How to Draw Faces, World Colors Beeswax Crayons – 15ct, and World Colors Molding Clay.


World Colors How to Draw Faces

15ct World Colors colored pencils, mirror with easel, 10 tracing pages, 5 coloring pages, 5 drawing pages, white eraser, pencil sharpener, skin tone color wheel, and instruction pamphlet.


World Colors Beeswax Crayons – 15ct

9 vibrant colors, 6 blend-able skin tones that are modeled after the World Colors EcoPencils.


World Colors Molding Clay

6 blend-able skin tones, 9 vibrant colors and 3 clay modeling tools.


Let's Talk About Race Within A Box Art Kit

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