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Support The Child In You First Annual Event

Evanston leaders and local authors Dr. Michael Allen and Gilbert Allen (“Brotherly Love”) and Juleya Woodson (“I Hope They Understand”) are proud to announce plans for the inaugural “The Child In You.”

This literary carnival rooted in equity and empowerment is for children in Pre-K through High School and the families of Evanston.

The goal of “The Child In You” is to provide children and families with thrilling experiences to help them feel valued and empowered through representation, activities, and clear information regarding the book writing process.

Children who participate will no longer be afraid to dream and dream big.

We are pleased to announce Young Black & Lit as our partner and financial sponsor as their mission to increase access to children's books that center, reflect, and affirm Black children naturally aligns with the mission of “The Child In You.”

The event organizers have been serving children and families of Evanston for about ten years in their respective roles. Consequently, reflecting on their life journey and the journey of the families they serve, they have realized the significance of creating life-altering experiences versus continued and sometimes redundant programming to touch the souls of BIPOC children and families in an impactful way. They are also focused on addressing the lack of children’s books addressing the authentic cultural experiences of People of Color.

While Evanston does have strong equity efforts, research shows the more an individual is exposed to experiences, the more likely they are to participate and make them tangible in their own lives. Families that attend “The Child In You” will enjoy a plethora of life-affirming experiences that center stories around POC from their own point of view.

Children and families will not only feel empowered through book readings, stories, and activities, but they will get the chance to join a mentor program and learn about the specific details related to publishing a children’s book. This program is vital as children will develop high levels of confidence and drive. In addition, the “Let's Talk About Race Within A Box” art kit will serve as an aid to create an exciting experience for children while boosting their self-esteem, building healthy racial identities, and acceptance.

While we are honored to have the support of Young Black & Lit, Childcare Network of Evanston, Foundation 65, Cradle To Career, Northwestern University, and Chessmen we are seeking additional financial sponsors to make this event a reality. If you would like to support “The Child In You,” please visit Young Black & Lit’s website as the donation button is live on

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