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About The Author

- Juleya Woodson, Author -

Juleya Woodson always had a passion for access, equity, diversity, and inclusion work. However, her passion grew deeper as she witnessed the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor incidents with the rest of the world. Her son was two years old at the time, and she could not help but feel insecure, worried, helpless, and inadequate as a mother, wife, sister, and daughter of black males. The Media’s message of what it meant to be beautiful, safe, adequate, and superior was frightening.


Consequently, it was even more frightening as Juleya realized how much the youngest minds internalize the world around them. As a Social Worker and Family Support Specialist she is able to witness child development for children between the ages of 0 and 5. That is when Juleya realized she had to do something to ensure all children were receiving the right messages as they are our future leaders. Her mission is to guarantee all children have healthy racial identities, acceptance, and a sense of cultural competence. Our future leaders will know how to work and build meaningful relationships with individuals from dissimilar cultures and races while showing high levels of compassion and empathy. 

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