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Create meaningful and exciting conversations with children about racial and cultural differences through books and thrilling art kits!


Thank you for your interest in supporting our future leaders in their development of healthy racial identities, acceptance, compassion, empathy, and cultural competence! I welcome you to join me as I work to create a world that works for everyone, while preserving children’s welcoming nature as they begin to naturally include others into their world of play, no matter race or cultural background. 

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About The Author


Juleya Woodson always had a passion for access, equity, diversity, and inclusion work. However, her passion grew deeper as she witnessed the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor incidents with the rest of the world. Her son was two years old at the time, and she could not help but feel insecure, worried, helpless, and inadequate as a mother, wife, sister, and daughter of black males. The Media’s message of what it meant to be beautiful, safe, adequate, and superior was frightening.

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People Are Saying...

"Listen.....Got the book opened and page one the illustration caught my son's eyes and he was hooked. To see himself represented in a book means the world to not just him but to me as a father. Cultural identity is the best thing we can do for our children. And author Juleya Woodson did just that with the great illustrations by Michelle Wang. I can't to get future books from great and upcoming author. In the new genre of fictional non fiction.
Thank you for the inspirational children's book"

"An important book for children to understand our differences are something to be celebrated. Beautiful messages and illustrations. Great choice for schools looking to expand their offers that portray children of color as central characters."

David Gallianetti

Kempton Freeman

"This book is very well written, with beautiful colorful pictures! I purchased for both of my mixed race daughters. Finally, my eldest has a book she can relate to, with children that look like her: curly hair & brown skin. She has the biggest smile on her face whenever we read this book! Absolutely amazing read! I would highly recommend for any child of any race to identify, learn about, and understand differences in appearances. You will not regret this purchase!!"

Jessica Curry

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